Criminal Justice


Advance your understanding of crime and criminality, design better approaches to effectively address crime and the problems related to it, and engage in social justice in the Department of Criminal Justice.

Become an informed citizen and an effective agent of justice in our hands-on educational approach. Major in criminal justice to lay the groundwork for a successful career in criminal justice, forensic science, law, loss prevention, private security, and much more.

Get your Master's in Criminal Justice at UL Lafayette to be part of the only master's program in the state emphasizing juvenile justice. Study issues such as gender, restorative justice, poverty, education, drugs, and the ways in which these topics intersect with the criminal justice system. Develop your own interests as your coursework progresses and prepare to enter a doctoral program or go right into the workforce.

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Department of Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice Department offers degrees at the undergraduate and master's levels.

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