Admissions Requirements

Your grad school journey begins here. Learn more about requirements, expectations, and deadlines for admission to theUL Lafayette’s Graduate School at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. 

To be eligible for graduate study at UL Lafayette, you must: 

International applicants must meet requirements below as well as those listed here

Martin Hall and Louisiana Wall

Holistic Admissions

Your undergraduate academic performance and test scores are an important part of your graduate school application, but they’re not everything! 

At UL Lafayette, we approach graduate admissions with a commitment to holistic review. This means that your whole application file is given careful consideration and that no one single factor leads to an acceptance or denial of admission. Holistic review provides the opportunity for your strengths in one area—for example, strong professional or research experience—to offset a weakness in another. It also means that while your past academic performance and test scores matter, so do things such leadership, community involvement and service, research and scholarship, work experience, and the barriers you have encountered while pursuing your goals.

Admissions Requirements by Program Type:

  • GPA: To qualify for unconditonal admission, a 3.0 overall GPA (4.0 scale) on undergraduate work and/or 3.3 overall GPA (4.0 scale) on graduate work already completed is required.

  • GRE: not required for all graduate programs 

    • preferred expectations are set by individual graduate programs  

    • contact the Graduate Coordinator for more information

  • GPA: To qualify for unconditional admission, a 2.75 overall undergraduate GPA or, for those with U.S. degrees, a 3.0 GPA (4.0 scale) in the last 60 hours of undergraduate study is expected. 

  • GRE: not required for all graduate programs  

    • preferred expectations are set by individual graduate programs  

    • contact the Graduate Coordinator for more information  

  • GMAT: a total score of 450 required for Accounting M.S. and MBA only 

  • Entrée: Proof of a bachelor’s degree  

  • Master’s +30: Proof of a master’s degree 

  • Graduate Certificates: Requirements are individual to each program. See our list of programs for individual admission requirements.


  • Duolingo total score of 110 or higher

  • TOEFL total score of at least 79 

  • IELTS combined score of at least 6.5 

  • PTE total score of at least 53 

If you do not meet these English language proficiency requirements, we encourage you to apply to the UL Lafayette Intensive English Program (IEP)

Application Deadlines

Application and funding deadlines vary by graduate program. If not specified otherwise, you should ensure all application materials are submitted prior to the Graduate School application and funding deadlines below. 

June 30

Fall Semester

The application deadline for the Fall semester is June 30th.

Nov. 30

Spring Semester

The application deadline for the Spring semester is November 30th.

April 30

Summer Semester

The application deadline for the Summer semester is April 30th.

Earlier application deadlines apply for assistantship and fellowship funding, financial aid, and international applicants who require an I-20. 

See application and funding deadlines for international applicants 

Additional Deadline Considerations: 

After these application deadlines, late fees apply and we cannot guarantee that your application will be reviewed in time to start classes (or receive an I-20, if an international applicant). 

Application Fees

Keeping our application fee low is a priority. We want applying to graduate school to be affordable for you. Because of this commitment we are unable to offer application fee waivers. 


Application Fee

This application fee applies to international applicants applying for re-entry and all domestic applicants.


International Application Fee

This application fee applies only to first-time international applicants.


Late Fee

If you miss the application deadline, you will be charged a late fee.

Keep in mind 

You are officially admitted only when you receive written notice from the Graduate School. Correspondence from a department or faculty member does not guarantee your admission to graduate study at UL Lafayette. 

The University is in compliance with all federal laws pertaining to discrimination.