Once you've applied and are accepted to an online degree program at UL Lafayette, you'll need to take the following steps to register for your online courses. 

If you haven't already done so, make sure to complete your FAFSA, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, to determine whether you're eligible for financial aid. You’ll need the UL Lafayette Title IV school code: 002031. Remember to make sure you're applying for the right award year and to fill out a new application each year.

Admission & Registration Checklist

Check your email for your ULID information. Your ULID is your unique username for accessing the University web portal (ULink), email, your online courses, library materials and services and University-offered software. 

Activate and create a password for your account using the Password Management Utility. 

ULink houses your courses through the Moodle system, as well as email, advising and registration information, financial aid updates and requests, tuition and payment information, grades, account holds and other important university announcements.  

You will need your ULID and password to access ULink.

Your University email address is your ULID +  

Access University email by finding the Outlook Email card in ULink. Log in using your ULID + and your recently created password.  

From this point forward, use your email account for all email communications with University faculty and staff. University information (like financial aid requests and updates, emails from your professors, etc.) will be sent to your account, so check it daily!

Access your course dashboard through the Moodle card in ULink or navigating to

You must complete the Online Student Orientation course in order to be advised for your first term. After you complete the final module of the course, a Certificate of Completion will be emailed to you. Email a copy of this certificate to your advisor.

As an online student, you can submit a Request for Exemption from Immunization form. If you ever attend courses on campus, you will need to submit an Immunization Compliance form with proof of required vaccinations. 

All students must complete a Tuberculosis Screening Questionnaire. Students answering "YES" to any of the 3 questions must also submit proof of a Tuberculosis (TB) Skin test/PPD with clinical assessment by a healthcare provider. 

To complete and submit these forms, 

  • Log in to ULink; 
  • Identify the Health & Wellness card on your dashboard; 
  • Click the Medicat Patient Portal link; 
  • Under forms, you can complete and submit the TB Screen Questionnaire and access other required forms; 
  • Once you’ve completed the Compliance or Exemption form, select “Upload” in the top navigation of the Medicat Patient Portal to submit your form. 

Once forms are submitted, student health services staff must review and accept them for your hold to be lifted. This may take up to 48 hours. 

Find your program advisor on the Advising page.  

Once you send your advisor your orientation certificate, you will receive an email with steps to take, including a registration time. Make sure to register as soon as your time opens! 

Advising will help keep you on track to graduate, answer any questions about your program and career choices, and assist with course selection.  

Note: Your advisor will not be able to answer questions about financial aid. Questions about your financial aid status should be directed to, the special email account for online degree students.

Online classes fill up quickly, so register as soon as your registration time begins! As an online student, you must register for courses designated as “Online.” If you are advised to take an on-campus or hybrid course, you will need to submit a course waiver request.

Remember to check for prerequisites and co-requisites. 

You can reach the schedule of classes from the Registration card in ULink.

Campus Course Waiver

As an online student, you must register for courses labeled "Online" in the Schedule of Classes.  

If you’ve been advised to enroll in a Standard (on-campus) or Hybrid course, you must request approval by submitting an online waiver form. Once this form is submitted, you'll be notified by email whether your request is approved upon department review.  

Note: If you receive approval to enroll in a Standard or Hybrid course, you will have a Campus Connection Plan ($100 per semester) added to your Statement of Account. You’ll need to pay for the plan to maintain your course schedule. The plan covers all courses for the semester in which it's purchased. 

Complete your enrollment by paying for tuition and fees by the payment deadline.