Personal Finance Planning

The Graduate School has collaborated with Dr. Brian Bolton, Professor of Finance, to offer a comprehensive resource center tailored to the distinct financial needs of graduate students. 

We understand that the pursuit of higher education can be a transformative journey, one that often comes with unique financial challenges and opportunities. 

In addition to the resources available on this page, Dr. Bolton also presents his popular "Money Matters" series in person to grad school students throughout the Fall and Spring semesters. These sessions provide a unique opportunity for you to engage directly with Dr. Bolton, gain valuable insights, and have your personal finance questions answered.

We encourage you to keep track of our events and register to attend these sessions. It's an excellent chance to enhance your financial literacy and acquire practical financial planning skills to make the most of your graduate journey. Whether you're looking to navigate student loans, build a budget, invest wisely, or plan for your financial future, our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and resources you need to achieve financial success while pursuing your academic dreams. So, let's embark on this financial journey together, ensuring that your graduate experience is not only academically rewarding but also financially secure.

Graduate School Money Matters Resources

Download the Personal Financial Planning for Graduate Students book 
This version of the book incorporates additional perspectives, challenges and opportunities that are unique to graduate students. If you are a doctoral student with a future in academia, this book has some career planning and financial planning discussion that you may not have seen elsewhere.