RN to BSN Program Turns Military Spouse into Medical Professional

Written byFaith Derouen

“It was easy to navigate, and the instructors answered questions promptly. University staff would actually reach out throughout the semesters to see if I had questions and see how I was doing. It was nice to have the constant support.”

Online RN to BSN grad Tiffany Woods smiling for photo in front of a plain wall
Tiffany Woods
Graduation Year
Aledo, Tx.

In Aledo, Texas, Tiffany Woods dedicates her days to caring for critically ill patients as a nurse in the medical-surgical ICU at Baylor Scott & White Health. 

And while she makes it look easy, Woods’ journey to advancing her nursing career was anything but straightforward. 

“When I enrolled in the program last year, I was working full-time," she says. "My kids were 18, 14, and 6, and my husband is active duty in the military, so he was in and out." 

Through late nights of studying, early mornings at the hospital, and the constant juggling act of parenthood, Woods found her rhythm in UL Lafayette’s online RN to BSN program

Finding the Perfect Program 

Frequent relocations as a military family made higher education a tricky pursuit for Woods. 

With her husband often away on duty, she needed a flexible degree program that could accommodate her unpredictable lifestyle.

Advancing her career with a BSN was essential, but finding the right fit was challenging. That’s when she discovered UL Lafayette’s 30-credit,12-month online RN to BSN program. 

“I was looking through all of my emails that I received when I finished my ADN program, and that’s how I found the University of Louisiana at Lafayette,” she recalls. 

At the time, Woods was balancing a full-time nursing job, managing a bustling home with three children, and holding positions in Stroller Warriors, a running club for military spouses. 

“I was helping my oldest get set up because he was graduating high school and planning to join the military,” she says. “My younger two had to get to and from practices and concerts, so there was a lot to manage.” 

While her days were a whirlwind of responsibilities, she remained determined to secure her BSN degree. 

Woods found the support and flexibility she needed by enrolling at UL Lafayette. 

"It was easy to navigate, and the instructors answered questions promptly. University staff would actually reach out throughout the semesters to see if I had questions and see how I was doing,” she says. “It was nice to have the constant support.” 

Turning Challenges into Opportunities 

With so much on her plate, Woods knew she had to master the art of time management to succeed. 

“Any time assignments or discussion boards were due, I immediately put it in my calendar. Any important dates for the kids, like appointments or practices. Everything I did, I took the time to put it on the calendar,” she recalls. 

“I made sure to download the apps to my phone, so I would never miss an email or alert from my professors. That made me able to set aside the time and say ‘OK, I’ll be able to do my schoolwork this day.’” 

This meticulous planning became her secret weapon for staying on top of both her coursework and family obligations. 

But Woods wasn’t alone in this journey — her husband’s support proved to be invaluable. 

“My husband has been a huge support to me,” she says. “He picked up the slack when I had to study or made time to do extra things around the house so that I could focus. Whether it was taking the kids to and from practice or maybe cooking dinner, he was very supportive.” 

His encouragement allowed her to dive deep into her studies, knowing the home front was well managed. This solid foundation allowed Woods to thrive academically and professionally. 

"All the writing and research really taught me to read journals and identify important information,” she says. “It also gave me ideas at work to say, ‘Hey, I can improve this workflow if I can just find a few journal articles to support it.’" 

Armed with these newfound skills, Woods now has the momentum to seek opportunities and drive positive change in her workplace. 

While she’s currently focused on her role at Baylor Scott & White Health, where a BSN degree is required within a certain timeframe post-hiring, she is already eyeing further career advancements. 

"In the future, I may go back to school to become a nurse practitioner," she says. 

For those considering a similar path, Woods emphasizes the importance of discipline and time management. 

"You have to be disciplined. It’s not like when you go in person,” she says. “Just know that you will have to schedule out time for your schoolwork.” 

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