A closer look at learning online at UL Lafayette

Online learning has opened the doors of higher education to students from all walks of life, but it can still seem mysterious if you haven’t seen up close how it works. 

Online degree programs have become a preferred way for working adults to complete degrees and advance their careers.

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette offers five bachelor’s degree programs online that are exactly comparable to a traditional degree from attending classes in person.

What does online learning look like?

Asynchronous classes mean you have the flexibility — and the responsibility — to choose the hours you best learn and work.

“Asynchronous” describes coursework posted online by the instructor that students can access according to their individual schedules. And while you can work at the time that best suits you, you’ll still need to meet assignment deadlines.

Although many courses will include audio and video elements among your learning materials, most will not require synchronous meetings (think Zoom).

Corey Ainsworth graduated Spring 2021 in Health Services Administration.

How do I manage my time?


Certified, experienced educators design classes that working adults can fit into their busy lives, but it takes planning and discipline to stay on top of your courses and earn your degree online.

Sidni Shorter, a 2021 graduate in General Studies, took a very business-like approach to her time management. 

“Essentially, I project managed it,” Shorter says. “I worked backwards based on the intended outcome so I could ensure I had the time allowed for what I needed to achieve or deliver.”

Planners, paper or digital, calendar apps and phone reminders all help, but it takes vigilance and attention to detail to keep them up to date.

Recent Health Services Administration graduate Corey Ainsworth described his system this way: "I logged in every single day, looked at my schedule, looked at my classes, and then wrote in the calendar on my computer, 'This is when this is due, this is when this is due,' and I just created a schedule throughout the week saying, 'I'm gonna do this then,' so I wouldn't lose things."

Do I have to find a proctoring center?

Some courses include proctored exams as part of your assessment while others rely more on projects or written papers. It varies by course and instructor. 

Once you enroll, review your syllabi at the start of the term to learn whether any of your instructors require proctored exams and whether they’ll use a service like ProctorU or Examity. There are additional costs associated with these platforms. 

Faith Boudreaux graduated in Kinesiology in Health Promotion and Wellness in Spring 2021.

Will I have an instructor?

All UL Lafayette online courses are taught by UL Lafayette faculty. If you run into a problem in your course, your instructor is the first person you’ll reach out to for help. 

Faith Boudreaux, a recent graduate in Health Promotion and Wellness, switched from in-person classes to online learning. Her instructors helped ensure it was a smooth transition.

“I found my instructors were more available to me through the computer screen than when I would go to office hours,” she says. “I feel like with Health Promotion and Wellness being online, most of the professors are all online teaching, so they have that time management to work with us.”

In addition to connecting with your instructor, multimedia tools are integrated into courses to help you engage with the material and your classmates for a dynamic learning experience. This multi-faceted approach helps you get the most from your courses no matter what your learning preference or style.

How long will it take to earn my degree?

Our online degree programs offer courses in 16-week and 8-week terms to give you control over your work and study pace on the way to your degree.

The total length of your degree program is based on your existing college credits, how many courses you take each semester, and whether you attend Spring, Summer and Fall.

Most undergraduate degrees require 120 total credit hours to graduate. Your advisor will work with you to create a degree plan to reach your goals in the most realistic timeline for you. 

Sidni L. Shorter finished her Bachelor of General Studies degree in Spring 2021.

How much will my degree program cost?

UL Lafayette online degree programs feature reduced, flat-rate tuition. 

Knowing that your courses will cost $380 per credit hour – about $1,140 per course – can help you plan ahead. However, because each student’s degree path is different, the cost of your degree program is unique to you. 

Our enrollment specialists and your program advisor can work together to provide an unofficial transcript evaluation to give you an idea of how many credits you’ll need to complete your degree.

The one-on-one attention during the enrollment process set the tone for Shorter’s return to her education.

“It was really a really good experience,” she said. “I certainly appreciated how they made sure they understood what I wanted and recognized what I was bringing to the table as an adult learner.”

Whether you are curious about the programs we offer or are wondering if learning online is right for you, the enrollment specialists on the Online Student Support Team have answers. They are ready to field all your questions and connect you with the resources necessary to get you started.

Now is your time. Find the program that's right for you and contact us for more information.

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