5 Job Hunt Questions Career Services Can Answer

 Before you’ve even started cramming for that final exam, the prospect of graduation sets in motion a series of events that will hopefully lead to a job offer or promotion.

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s Office of Career Services has a number of resources to help prepare for each step of the job search and application process, whether you’re online, on-campus, in your first semester or last, and long after you’ve graduated.

Amy Chauvin serves as the associate director of Career Services and walked us through some of students’ frequent questions and concerns.

What can I do with my degree?

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Under Career Planning Resources on the Career Services website, students will find “What Can I Do With This Major?” The collection of resources is sorted by major. Each major has detailed information with possible fields and positions.

“Some of our General Studies students who might have a concentration in behavioral science or business studies may go to those specific majors for information on those types of opportunities,” explained Chauvin.

Documents are divided into three sections: disciplines, then employers, and then strategies to get that job.

How do I find out who’s hiring?

One word: Handshake.

The online job search tool allows students and alumni to find and apply for a range of positions locally, as well as across the country, with the click of a button.

Prepare for your first job interview with mock interviews through UL Lafayette's Office of Career Services.


“They can find part-time, internship, co-op, and full-time opportunities through this site,” Chauvin says. “Once they upload their resume, they can click an ‘apply’ button and their resume is sent to that employer.” 

All students have a Handshake profile through their ULID and can claim their account at louisiana.joinhandshake.com.

Do I need to fix my resume?

Career Services makes it very easy to get a resume review — just email it to resume@louisiana.edu.

“We have basic guidelines that we follow to help students get their resume together,” Chauvin says. “It is helpful if they provide what types of jobs they’re looking for — especially intern, or full-time — identify an industry or company, or even a graduate program. It’s helpful in making sure we know what they’re looking for.” 

How should I prepare for my job interview?

UL Lafayette's Office of Career Services provides resources to prepare for job interviews, revise resumes, and more.

Career Services provides a full outline for job seekers on its website for what to do before, during, and after an interview.

They’ve also provided questions to ask a potential employer, as well as questions candidates should expect and how to rehearse.

More career resources

New within the suite of offerings from Career Services is a self-enroll Moodle course. Chauvin said the office had online students in mind when launching the new course Spring 2019, and there are plans to grow the number of resources offered.

To enroll in the course, students can navigate to “Courses” from the Moodle Course dashboard and then select "Search Courses." Using the terms “Career Services,” find the Career Services course with Teacher: Amy Chauvin/Teacher: Lauren Landry and select “Enroll me.”

Within the Moodle Course, students will find a resume presentation and resources, Career Planning information, and resources to prepare for an interview.

Have more questions? Email career@louisiana.edu to take the right steps to advance your career.

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Hope Aucoin is pictured outside in a white collared shirt with black spots.