Environmental & Evolutionary Biology (Ph.D.)

Juita Martinez

“I love everyone in our department and the support system is amazing. One of the best things you can have in grad school is support from every tier, from the Graduate School to your fellow students.”

Leading the way: Meet Juita Martinez

Our doctorate in biology program emphasizes research in environmental and evolutionary biology, with specialization in marine biology, ecology, molecular studies, and cell biology.

This program prepares you for the highest levels of scholarship and career opportunities in both academia and in research-related agencies and industries. 
The department offers facilities and equipment to support graduate research and works closely with several research laboratories and organizations. 
The department is very research-focused, securing $2 million in funding every year for research, instruction, and infrastructure. All of our doctoral students design and conduct their own research, analyze data, give presentations on their research, write manuscripts for publication in renowned biology journals, and teach in the classroom.

Biology at UL Lafayette