Financial Aid Awards

The Office of Student Financial Aid will begin notifying students of their financial aid eligibility for each academic year according to the following schedule.

Incoming Students

For admitted students who have their FAFSA results to us by mid-March, your initial award should be available by the first of May. You will receive a financial aid award letter in the mail.

If we receive your FAFSA results after we begin awarding, you can generally expect to receive your financial aid award within 3-4 weeks.

Returning Students

On-time financial aid applicants (FAFSA results here by May 1) who have met the standards for academic progress, should have awards available by mid-June.

If we receive your FAFSA results after May 1, you will be considered a late applicant and will be awarded after the on-time applicants. Being a late applicant can put you in jeopardy of losing need-based funds.

Please note we cannot guarantee the same level of need-based financial aid for each year of your enrollment. Families are required to submit the FAFSA annually to receive consideration for need-based financial aid awards. Eligibility can vary from year to year based on changes in family income or assets, family size, number of dependents in college, and funding levels.

In addition, the Higher Education Act (HEA) of 1965, as amended, requires institutions that receive and disburse Federal Title IV aid to develop and enforce, annually, their standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). These requirements encourage students to successfully complete courses for which financial aid is received and to make progress satisfactorily toward degree completion. The University of Louisiana at Lafayette also uses these same standards for the renewal of state funds. The Office of Student Financial Aid will review your academic progress each semester to verify your eligibility.