Prep for Next Semester Without Opening a Single Book

Even after you click submit on that last final of the semester, you’re still a University of Louisiana at Lafayette online student. So why not spend some of the time between semesters improving your student skillset?

Growing these skills may allow more time for non-school work, or allow you to take more classes so you can complete your degree faster than originally planned.Spend your break brushin gup on skills that will help you through your online coursework.

Our Online Student Support experts suggest the following as among the most useful skills for online students.

Study and Test Taking Skills

If you’ve been out of the classroom for any length of time, you may have lost some muscle memory when it comes to effectively reviewing and recalling information.

Brush up on your study skills to be better prepared for your exams while gaining confidence by building testing skills.

Reading Speed and Comprehension

If you want to increase your reading speed and comprehension so you can read faster and retain more, there are exercises to develop that ability. 

Writing Skills

The value of good written communication skills cannot be overstated for online students.

Improving your writing skills will impact every stage of your online learning experience from communicating with your professor and peers to your ability to your final grades.

Building Relationships Online

Working with professors and other students in an online setting can be disorienting for some. If you’ve struggled to get in-step with instructors or classmates, it may be time to look into how to better connect.

And don't forget, with a few exceptions, the University is open between semesters so you can contact Career Services to work on your LinkedIn profile, resume, internships, job possibilities, interviewing skills, and more. They can be reached 337-482-1444 or

It’s also a great time to check in with your advisor to update your degree plan, as well as review the syllabi for next semester’s courses.

Looking for more tips? Take advantage of these student resources.

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Hope has worked with online students for more than five years, telling their stories and sharing tips for succeeding as an online student.

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