Education - Curriculum and Instruction (M.Ed.)

The M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction is designed to enhance pedagogical skills and content knowledge for certified teachers. Graduates pursue careers as teachers, instructional specialists or coordinators, trainers, tutors, curriculum developers, and more.

Five concentrations are available:

  1. Instructional Specialist – 100% online
  2. Special Education Diagnostics - Hybrid
  3. Special Education Mild/Moderate Elementary - Hybrid
  4. Special Education Mild/Moderate Secondary - Hybrid
  5. Teacher Researcher – 100% online

The Instructional Specialist Concentration provides candidates with the requisite experience that will position them to refine, reform, or develop curricula and instruction for themselves as well as their pre-service, novice, or veteran peers. Candidates should already be skillful at their craft and should be seeking demonstrative ways to share their expertise beyond their individual classroom. The concentration leads to the achievement of Louisiana Department of Education Instructional Coach Endorsement.

The Instructional Specialist and Teacher Researcher concentrations are exclusively online, comprising accelerated 8-week terms offered twice during Fall and Spring semesters and once in the summer.

The Special Education Diagnostics and Mild/Moderate (Elementary and Secondary) concentrations utilize a hybrid format, blending accelerated online courses with traditional semester-long on-campus and online delivery.

This program prepares its students for licensure or certification within the state of Louisiana. For more information regarding credentialing requirements, including important information if you plan to move out of state, please visit the licensure programs page.


Curriculum and Instruction at UL Lafayette