Program Guidelines

A. Purpose and Scope

It is the intent of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (“University”), on behalf of its Student Government Association, and Cajun Card Services to permit certain designated Vendors to offer their products and services: (1) to University students, or (2) to University students, faculty, staff, and Alumni Association members at a discounted rate under the Red Dot Discount Program (“RDDP” or “Program”). University and Alumni Association shall be collectively referred to herein as “University Partners.”

B. Definitions

  1. Vendor is defined as an eligible business entity that is in compliance with applicable University Partners’ policies and state laws including certification requirements applicable to the provisions of a particular product or service.
  2. Discount Rate is defined as a discount rate established by a Vendor that will give University students, faculty, and staff members a meaningful point‐of‐sale discount off the retail price of selected products and services during normal business hours. Discounts must be unique in that they are either not offered to the general public or are better than what is made available to the public. The Vendor must offer the discount at the point of purchase. Rebates, gift cards, and/or refunds will not be accepted.

C. Procedures for Participation as a Vendor

  1. Application for participation as a Vendor will be made on the attached Red Dot Discount Program Vendor Application and Agreement. Interested Vendors must sign and complete the RDDP Vendor Application and Agreement, to include description of the Vendor’s products or services, the proposed discount rate, and all other requested information. The signed and completed RDDP Vendor Application and Agreement shall be submitted to
  2. Discounts must be valid commencing on the Effective Date and for the for entire period of the Agreement. The “Effective Date” shall be upon the date of noted by University Partners on the Red Dot Discount Program Vendor Application. Discounts may be renewed, upon mutual written agreement of the University Partners and the Vendor, as set forth in the Red Dot Discount Program Vendor Terms and Conditions, Section C.6.
  3. Once submitted, the RDDP Vendor Application and Agreement will be reviewed by the University Partners to determine, in the University Partners’ sole discretion: (a) compliance with provisions of the Vendor Terms and Conditions; and (b) whether the University Partners will approve the Vendor’s Application.
  4. If the Vendor’s request is denied, the Vendor will receive notification by e‐mail. All decisions of the University Partners are final. A Vendor or prospective Vendor has no right to appeal any University Partners’ decision regarding the RDDP. The University Partners reserves the right to reject, without liability or penalty of any kind, a Vendor or prospective Vendor for any reason and at any time in its sole discretion.
  5. If Vendor’s request is approved, then Vendor will receive notification by e‐mail. The University Partners will authorize the Vendor's information from the RDDP Vendor Application and Agreement to be displayed on the University Partners' RDDP website. The University Partners reserve the right to modify the text that is displayed, provided that the terms of the discount will remain the same. If the Vendor’s request is denied, the Vendor will receive notification of the denial via phone call from the University Partners.

Vendors should allow up to seven (7) business days, once the Vendor’s RDDP Vendor Application and Agreement are submitted, for a response.

Red Dot Discount Program Application and Agreement