Manage my Account

Check on every facet of your account from your Cajun Card balance and account statement, to your meal plans, deposits and account changes.

To access your account, you will need your Cajun Card number and password.  You can find your Cajun Card number on the back of your Cajun Card, it will begin with a "3".  If you don't have your Cajun Card available, your Cajun Card number is your ULID with a "3" instead of a "C".

To manage your Cajun Card Account please login with your Cajun Card number and password.  First time users will be prompted to create a password.

Once logged in to your account you can:

Photo of where to click to add funds on One Card screen

Make a deposit

Students and parents can use the OneCard portal to make a deposit at anytime.  The portal accepts all major credit cards and Apple Pay.

There is a minimum deposit of $2.00 if using a credit card in our office or online.

Screenshot of where to click to get your balance

Check your balance

Check your balance to see if it's time to make a deposit.  You can check not only your Cajun Cash but also your Declining Balance.

Photo of where to cllick in One Card to get transaction history

See your transaction history

All financial transactions whether it's Cajun Cash or Declining Balance are recorded here.  Enter the dates your interested in and you will see where you spent your funds and how much was spent.

screenshot of One Card screen showing where to click to get meal plan history

Check on your meal plan

You can check to see what meal plan you have, how many meals you have left for the week and a history of how you spent your meal swipes. 

Screentshot of One Card showing where to click to deactivate Cajun Card

Deactivate your Cajun Card

Please make sure that you want to deactivate your Cajun Card before proceeding.  Once you click "Confirm" your Cajun Card will be immediately deactivated.