Make a Deposit

Make your deposit

Pay in Person

Visit the Student Union, room 134 to make a deposit in person.

Pay by phone or mail

Make your check or money order payable to UL Lafayette and mail to: Cajun Card Services, P.O. Box 43615, Lafayette, LA 70504 or call us at 337-851-2273

Log in to your One Card account to make a deposit online.

Making your deposit online

Before you can make your deposit, you will need a few things.

  1. You will need your Cajun Card number - the number that begins with "300". If you do not know your Cajun Card number, you can find it on the back of your Cajun Card. You can also visit the Cajun Card office in the Student Union, room 134 and we can retrieve it for you. For security reasons, account numbers will not be given out over the phone.
  2. You will also need the password that you set up for One Card. This is not the same password associated with your ULID. You will need to set up your password if this is your first time using the Cajun Card portal.
Photo of login screen for 1Card

Access for Students and Employees

You can access your account with your Cajun Card number and the password you have set up for One Card. Enter your information to sign in. Once you've logged in, click the "Add Funds+" button to begin and follow the prompts to enter your deposit amount and enter your credit card information. On success you will be taken to the receipt page.

Photo of 1Card login screen for parents

Access for Parents

You will need your student's Cajun Card number and the first three digits of their first name to access your student's account. Click on the Authenticated User tab and enter your students information then click Sign In. Once you've logged in click the "Add Funds+" button to make your deposit.

Screenshot of Parental deposit screen

Parental Display

Parents will see this screen. No personal information of the student will be displayed.