Major and Career Exploration

Our job is to help you prepare for a major and career you’ll love. And we really love doing our job.

Deciding what you want to do for the rest of your life can be overwhelming. We can help you discover your uniqueness, explore your major & career options, and connect your experiences & goals to the future you envision. 

Though major and career exploration, Career Services provides support in discovering your major & career path.

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Discover your uniqueness

Identifying your unique interests, skills, values, strengths, and personality traits will be an important part of your career decision-making process. Participating in self-reflection, career assessment(s), and information gathering will be helpful in making an informed major & career choice as you navigate your academic journey.


  • What captures your attention, showcases your abilities, matches what is important to you, strengthens your talents, and highlights who you generally are as a person?
  • What motivates you, gives you personal satisfaction, stimulates your confidence, defines your judgement, and is so natural to you that you say it is “easy”?

Think about how your answers connect to your major choice and potential work environments.

Career Assessments

Learn more about how who you are relates to the varying opportunities available to you. To find registration information, log into your Handshake account. Once on the Handshake homepage, click on "Career Center" in the navigation bar. Then, click "Resources" and find CAREER ASSESSMENT RESOURCES.

Career Assessment Options

Uses self-assessment of your personality, interests, values, and skills to create customized reports, which help you understand yourself better so you can use more effective career-decision making strategies. Tailored to UL Lafayette majors & minors and frequently used in UNIV 100 classes.


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Uses self-assessment of your work interests, personality, values, skills, & leisure interests to help you map out a career path and select the best fit major to support your career goals. 


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Provides a wealth of information about careers and related majors. With Choices360, you can compare your assessment results with the career information provided in the program, focusing on transferrable skills and prior work experience.


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Identifies your top 5 talent themes. In your CliftonStrengths report, you can access custom-built information to better understand your talents so you can thrive academically, socially, and in your future career.


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Connecting your experiences

Participating in a variety of experiences throughout college will increase your opportunities to grow job skills employers are looking for, establish beneficial networks to aid in your professional job search, and generate more targeted direction & action towards your future career life.

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