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Send Us Your Event

Note: Colleges, departments, and offices that have already transitioned into the new University Web template should post events directly to their own sites in order for them to appear on the calendar.

Use if event is spread over multiple days.
Use if event is spread over multiple days.

If you would like photos to accompany your event, please email them to communications@louisiana.edu with the name of your event in the subject line.

Provide details of the event. Include the names of speakers, performers, activities, target audience, cost to attend, etc.
Include common name for location and physical address. Please provide directions, if needed.
This will be shared on the event posting.
Name of person within the University to contact if there are questions.
Use University email address.
Please provide a personal or office email that can be contacted for more information.
List where/how tickets can be purchased, along with any additional cost information.
Website address for the event.
List the student organization or department.