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Campus goes green at Fête de la Terre

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At Fête de la Terre, the recent Earth Day celebration, the Office of Sustainability practiced what it preaches.

Ten on campus departments and organizations participated in a "green" curriculum expo. Seven outside organizations were on hand to talk “green” jobs.

More than 500 students attended the April 19 “zero waste” event on campus.

Fête de la Terre was definitely all about ecology, right down to the food.

The jambalaya was served in biodegradable bowls, with biodegradable forks and napkins.

All drink containers were recycled.

And University President Dr. Joseph Savoie signed the President's Charge initiating the creation of the Office of Sustainability, which sponsored Fête de la Terre in conjunction with the School of Geosciences and the Institute for Coastal Ecology and Engineering.

To learn more about the Office of Sustainability, visit sustainability.louisiana.edu.